Blogmas Day 18 | Serious Request

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Dec 182014


First things first, let me explain what Serious Request is. Serious Request is one big Charity Event that takes place in the week before Christmas. The event is hosted by 3FM (a Dutch Radio station) and this is all in collaboration with the Red Cross. All money received during this week will go to the Red Cross. Every year 3FM will pick a theme for that week, that theme will stand for a so called Silent Disaster. This means they will collect money for a disaster that’s not as well known to the public but which does really need money and attention. This year will be the 11th edition of Serious Request. Or as we like to call it over here: Het Glazenhuis, which translates as: The Glasshouse. We call it this because, during this week 3 DJ’s will be locked in a Glasshouse on a town square somewhere in the Netherlands. Those 3 DJ’s will be making radio 24/7 that week and to make this whole thing even more difficult: They’re not allowed to eat anything, they will get 3 juices a day with all the vitamins they need but that’s it. No food just juices and non-alcoholic drinks for an entire week.

To raise money they’ll be playing requests on the radio all week long. If you want to hear a song you have to pay money to get it on the radio. Besides that people can also visit the Glasshouse and donate money there. In the window of the house they’ve made a letterbox for people to donate their money.


There are also loads of people doing their own events to raise money. There are local radio stations doing their own version of a glasshouse, but there are also little kids baking cookies and selling them in their neighbourhood. Schools organising Christmas markets and giving all the profits away. You name it and people, probably, do it! The moment this blogpost went live Serious Request started and the 3DJ’s are locked in their glasshouse and are not allowed to get out until christmas eve.

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If you want a longer explanation of this all and a look at all themes they’ve had over the year I suggest looking at the Wikipedia page.

This years theme, as you might have guessed is “Hands of Our Girls” and is all about raising money and awareness for women and girls whom are the victims of sexual violence in countries that are at war or have conflicts, like Congo and Syria.

Every year 1 band/artist from the Netherlands gets the opportunity to write a theme song for the week. This song will be played everytime they’ve broadcasted a diary of 2 DJ’s that went to one the countries where this silent disaster isn’t as silent. All proceeds of this song will also go to this cause! This year the honour of writing this song went to Jaqueline Goveart and she wrote the song “Make More Sound”


Even though the theme of this week is very heavy and no fun at all this entire week is my favourite week on Radio and TV in the netherlands. It brings the country together and it’s just great fun to watch and listen to all the amazing things happening! In 2010 I joined in to do some charity work for the red cross during that week. I was given the opportunity to apply for some backstage jobs at the event that year. I apply to stand next to the letterbox and I was given 2 shifts that year. But as soon as I arrived I told them I could help out every day. And in the end I helped out an entire week. I did shifts at the onsite Callcenter, worked the catering, stood outside in the snow to collect money at the letterbox, helped out with stage management by shovelling snow and selling santa hats. It was just an amazing week and I had an amazing time.

20131219_130451 tumblr_lwf39chwkr1qbm3f5o1_500 

The year after I didn’t apply for onsite backstages jobs because the glass house was to far away and I thought it was impossible to help at the callcenter. Last year I discovered that helping out at the callcenter is just as easy to apply for as the onsite jobs so I decided to give it a go. I was given 4 shifts that year and I loved it! So this year I decided to apply again and sadly I was only given 1 shift. I do keep checking my phone to see if they’ve added another shift to my schedule. But I’m afraid I’m not getting more, and my shift isn’t until the 23rd so I can’t tell the people coordinating that to call me if they have an open spot.

If you live in the Netherlands and want to donate click the banner on the right side, it’ll send you to the right page to donate. If you don’t live in the Netherlands and you want to donate. PLEASE CONTACT ME  and we can figure something out together!  You can fill out the form on my contact page or send me an email:


Blogmas Day 17 | Doctor Who

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Dec 172014

I started watching Doctor Who a little over a year ago, and the reason I’m writing a blogpost now about is: The Christmas Special. Otherwise it wouldn’t be an appropriate topic for Blogmas. I for one can’t believe I only started watching Doctor Who a year ago. And I can’t wait to see the Christmas Special.

Although I’m probably not able to watch this episode live on TV. It’s Christmas after all and I am the only person in my family who watches Doctor Who so I can’t really force them to watch this, and I feel bad for locking myself in my room to watch the special. So I am going to wait till after all the festivities that day are over and I’ll lock myself in my bedroom with the BBC iPlayer to catch up on this episode.

Anybody else excited for this? Or are there any other shows you can’t wait to see a christmas special off? Or did it already air? Because I know that most American TV shows already had their Christmas episodes aired. Or they made a big winter finale because, sadly, most TV shows stop airing for a few months when December comes around.

Dec 162014

Today I decided to share some of my favourite pictures I took on my phone this year. I decided to go with random things and to exclude people. I was looking through my pictures and cam across some very funny pics I would’ve loved to include but I don’t know how all these people feel about me putting their pics on the internet so I decided to go with the following pictures.

These 3 pictures are of some of the traveling I did this year. The first one is made in Amsterdam, not that far for me, but I love the picture of the Royal Palace so there you have it. The 2nd picture is made in Brighton, I even wrote a blogpost about that day you can check that if you want. And the last picture I made in London, maybe you’ve recognised it already. It’s the location for 221b Baker Street in Sherlock. I actually wrote a blogpost about a little trip i did about a year ago to London to see various locations, you can read that HERE.

The first picture here is one of a bonfire we had while cleaning out our old house when we started packing up for the move. The 2nd picture I just love because of the colours and also the cupcakes tasted GOOOD. We had a really nice Afternoon Tea in Brighton where we ate them. The last picture is one of our old house. Almost forgot how green it was back then.

The top picture is a very important one. Those planes you see, they had the bodies on them of the people that died when flight MH17 crashed in the Ukraine. I wrote something about that back in July not long after the crash, just before the bodies came back.
The first picture on the bottom is one of the gate of the Lowlands festival at night. It’s just one of those pics I have to take when I’m there. Me and my friend decided that this time would be our last time going to the festival, tickets are soooo expensive and we want to save money. We will now try all the things to win tickets on the radio.
The other 2 pictures are 2 lovely pictures I took when I went cycling through the forest I’d lived in my entire life.


Last but not least are 3 pictures of beautiful skies I took this year.
the first one was taken in Disneyland Paris. I believe I took the 2nd picture at my BFF’s boyfriends birthday party. I remember seeing a similar sky and taking pictures so I’m guessing it this one.
Lastly I took this picture when I was on my way to my brothers place. I just had to get out of the car to take this picture. I swear this picture is showing you what I saw! and I didn’t even edit this! It was just this beautiful.

Dec 152014

I didn’t really plan a post for today. So I was planning on just winging it and posting something later than usual. But I’m currently house sitting for 2 days and there’s a nice display of various decorative Christmas trees going on in the living room. I’m still waiting for the light to be better to take some pics for the post. So this might be up a little after 11am.


Anyway, normally I’m not a big fan of an excessive amount of Christmas decorations in 1 spot. but I’m kinda liking the little forest created with all the trees. Downside: There are flickering lights around all the trees, I hate flickering fairy lights.

IMG_2662 IMG_2663 IMG_2664 IMG_2665
Speaking of things I don’t like; fake Christmas trees, not that I’m a big fan of real ones. But I just don’t like the fake they always look off to me. The real ones I like but I hate decorating them and I HATE the needles falling off. In our old house the tree was suspended up on on of the wooden beams in the house. So needles would be falling in you hair and all. And I hated that, now we have a tree standing on the living room floor and it’s a little bit better. Still needles everywhere but no more needles in my hair.


Whilst writing this post I was watching 24kitchen (a foodchannel) and they just made a pie with Christmas Trees on this. But to be honest it looked more like a dish with penises on it, sadly I can’t find a picture of it. haha no but I enjoy watching 24kitchen a lot at the moment because all the programs are cooking christmassy dishes.


Blogmas Day 14 | Christmas Tag part 2

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Dec 142014

Christmas tag


Here it is, Part 2 of my Christmas Tag. You can go HERE to read the first part if you like.

1. Do you like to stay in your PJ’s, or dress up for Christmas?
If I had the choice and I could just stay at home doing nothing, and not seeing any family I’d stay in my PJ’s.

2. What’s your favourite Christmas meal or treat?
This is a hard one, especially because we don’t have anything special we eat at christmas. There aren’t even any  treats that come to mind. Maybe I’ll just go with chocolate, you can never go wrong with chocolate. Also the Starbucks Christmas blend.

3. Candy Canes or Gingerbread Men?
There are Candy Canes in our tree at the moment. But I prefer Gingerbread Men.

4. White lights, or coloured lights?
White, always white lights. I just don’t like coloured lights.

5. What is your favourite Christmas film?
To be totally honest, I don’t think there is just 1 movie that I’d pick as my favourite Christmas movie. There are just so many movies that are great to watch during the Christmas season. It’s impossible to pick one.

6. Have you ever had a White Christmas?
I’ve had, can’t remember the last time I had a white Christmas though. I feel like it’s time again for a white one!

7. What is your favourite Christmas song?
My all time favourite song is.. Let me think long and hard about this….. I think it’s Let It Snow. But ask me again next year and it might be different. Heck it could be even a different  song next year.

8. What holiday traditions are you looking forward to most this year?
Serious Request!
This is a big charity radio event that’s happening during the week before Christmas and it’s just amazing! I will be writing a longer post about this in 4 days!

9. What Are Your Favourite Christmas Colours?
Red and gold and I normally don’t like gold that much.

10. What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season?
Something warm, some island with a blue sea and a white beach. Just for once to see what it’s like to celebrate christmas in my bikini.