Bring Them Home

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Jul 232014

I’m not quite sure how to  start this article but I wanted to write something about this. Today it’s a National day of mourning because of the plane crash that happened in Ukraine last week. We lost 193 citizen in that crash and today 50 of the bodies are finally being released and send to our country. All 298 bodies will be brought here and they will start the identification of the bodies in the Netherlands.


Because of this day today at 4pm there will be 1 minute of silence to remember the victems. At this time the first planes with bodies will arrive at the Airport. There will be all kinds of ceremonies throughout the country. Shops will silence their music at 4pm. No planes are allowed to land or leave around 4 pm. Also all flags will be half mast today.

At 8pm there will also be a silent walk in Amsterdam to remember all the lives lost.

I will be turning my Twitter Avatar black today because of this. Also if you want to read some of the stories of the families of the victims I recommend reading this

Albert and Maree Rizk weren’t supposed to be on that flight either.

Every year, the fun-loving 50-somethings from Melbourne, Australia, went on a month-long vacation with friends. They had hopscotched the globe, from Thailand to Fiji to Europe.

This time, the Rizks had nearly skipped the trip due to family commitments. Family came first for Albert, a real estate agent, and Maree, parents of two and beloved fixtures in their community.

A change of plans freed them up to join their friends, Ross and Sue Campbell, but they weren’t able to snag a seat on the Campbells’ return flight. So they bought tickets for the same route, a day later: Flight 17.

The Rizks and the Campbells had become more like family than friends since Sue and Maree met at a mother’s group when their now-grown children were babies. They had a ball traveling through Italy, Switzerland and Germany. It felt like they’d laughed for a solid month. Together, they realized a lifelong goal: climbing to the top of the Klein Matterhorn in Switzerland.

On Tuesday night, the four gathered at an Italian restaurant for a final meal. They reminisced about their latest adventure — one of their best — and made plans for a reunion back in Australia. On Saturday, they would get together to feast on the delicious Dutch cheese they’d bought, drink wine and pore over their vacation photos.

The four headed back to the hotel, exchanged hugs and retired to their rooms.

Some friends were surprised that the Rizks were willing to fly Malaysia Airlines, after the disappearance of Flight 370. Maree’s stepmother, Kaylene Mann, had lost her brother and sister-in-law in the disaster.

Albert’s buddy of 30 years, Jack Medcraft, got in a friendly dig: Why Malaysia Airlines?

“Lightning never strikes twice,” Albert replied.

They burst out laughing. The nonchalant explanation had a double meaning.

Albert’s house had been struck by lightning last year.

In Australia, the Campbells had just arrived when they heard that a Malaysia Airlines plane had been shot down over Ukraine. Fearing the worst, they rushed over to the Rizks’ house to check on their kids. And for the second time in five months, Maree’s stepmother learned she’d lost a loved one to a Malaysia Airlines disaster.


A lovely day in Brighton.

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Jul 102014

So 2 weeks ago I went to England with some friends for a short week. And we started off our trip in Brighton. It took us quite a long while to get there. I got on the train around 8am and we arrived in Brighton around 5pm. So yeah long day of sitting in trains.

When we arrived in Brighton it was pretty cloudy and we decided to walk to our Hostel, which luckily, was down hill. It was also pretty easy to find because it was just across from the Pier. As soon as we got at the hostel we got ourselves checked in and freshened up in our room before leaving for a little stroll at the Pier.


We walked to the far end and took a lot of pictures. We contemplated going on some of the rides but we felt a few drops of rain and we were starting to get hungry so we decided on finding a pub to get some dinner. We spend the rest of the evening playing card games and drinking the BEST cider ever. Seriously I need stores to sell either the Rekorderlig or the Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime Cider because that stuff is the best!

Somewhere around 10pm we decided we needed some sleep and walked back to our Hostel. But we made sure to stop at the beach to take some pictures of the Pier by night with all the lights on.


The next morning we checked the weather and they said there would be a 90% chance of rain. But we opted for shorts anyway. We went down for breakfast and checked out and left for a day of exploring Brighton (while leaving our suitcases in the Hostel) As soon as we stepped outside we already regretted wearing shorts. There were a lot of clouds and it was kinda windy. But we ignored it all and started walking into the city. First off we went to see the Royal Pavilion we walked around the gardens first but since it wasn’t opening until 10AM we decided to go and get some coffee/tea till it was time to go inside. Sadly no pictures were allowed inside but it was nice walking around to see the ridiculous inside. There was one annoying thing though and that was that there were like 2 big school groups walking around and 1 of those was a group of 4/5 year olds and I really don’t get why they were inside because they weren’t even interested in anything. That was a waste of money for the school if you ask me. Especially because they wont even remember it later because when I got home my mom told me I’d been there when I was 6 years old and I can’t remember a thing.


After the Royal Pavillion we walked around the Lanes and went to Choccywoccydoodah and just looked at random shops trying to figure out what presents to buy for our friend who we where surprising with belated bday presents. While walking around we stumbled across Catwalk Cakes. A cute litte cake shop. We started looking at all the cupcakes and we decided it was time for lunch. And since they did an Afternoon Tea we decided that that would be our lunch.

IMG_0982 IMG_2279
After that we did some more exploring before heading to the beach to soak up some of the sun. Because the weather was soooooo good. We even went to put our feet in the water and walking back up bare footed on a stoney beach is impossible!

IMG_0983 IMG_4542
After that we just hung out on the beach and 2 of my friends went to do some of the rides around 3pm we decided it was time to get our things. Me and a friend took the bus back to the train station while the other 2 decided to walk and around 4 PM we sat down in a train that would bring us back to London!

IMG_0985 IMG_0990

London here I come!

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Jun 262014

At the time of posting this I’m on my way to London. Hopefully I’ll be somewhere in Belgium on my way to Bruxelles to catch the Eurostar to London! This is the 3rd year in a row I’m visiting London with my friends. Also it’s the 4th summer in a row I’m going to London because 4 years ago I spent 4 days (I believe it was 4) in London with school. But this is the 5th time in 4 years I’m going to London.

London 015

I just love London and I don’t care if people don’t get how you can go to London every year and not be bored. We always leave something to do for the next time. Also we’ve now added day trips to other places as well. Last year we went to see Oxford and what a beautiful place it is! We mainly went there to see the university because the buildings inspired the look and feel of Hogwarts, I believe they even filmed some of the scenes at the university.

This year we’re going to spend a day in Brighton. As soon as we arrive in London we’re getting on a train to the coastal town to spend a night in a hostel and explore Brighton the next day. Around 4pm we’re getting back on the train to go back to London and to reunite ourselves with a friend who’s arriving in London that day. I can’t wait!

The things we’re planning on doing in London are: Dinner at Hard Rock Cafe, Visiting Madame Tussauds, Joining a walking tour (we still have to decide on which we want to do), Watching the Dutch play football on Sunday, Dinner at Jamie’s Italian, Breakfast at speedy’s, Seeing some Sherlock filming locations, a trip to The science museum. And probably a lot more and we are planning on just having fun!


Jun 232014

Okay that’s not entirely true. I still have to pack my bags so I’m not ready to do yet.

But that’s the thing I wanted to write about today. Packing bags. Because for some reason I always manage to take way to much stuff with me resulting in me having to roll around a suitcase that’s so heavy I have trouble lifting it. Or when I go away for a weekend I manage to stuff so many things in a bag that I can hardly zip it. What do I do wrong?


I always start my packing off with making a list. Because if I don’t I feel like I’m forgetting everything. (Although even when I make a list I feel like I’ve forgotten something as soon as I leave the house) The only time I don’t make lists is when I leave for only one night because as long as I bring my toothbrush, charger, underwear and PJs I’m good. Might pop in a clean shirt just in case but I don’t really need more than that because if I’ve forgotten something my friends will probably have it and I can use some of theirs. Anyway, I always start of making my list almost a week in advance but I leave the actual packing until the last moment possible. Which might also add to the fact that I always feel like I’m forgetting everything.

Also when packing my bag, I always manage to fit everything perfectly in my bag. But when it’s time to leave the place I’m staying at I alway have trouble fitting all the stuff in my bag again. I need to start folding things when I’m on my vacation/trip.

I wish I could give you all some great advice about packing bags. But the best advice I’m able to give is make a list! Even if it’s just for a 2 day trip.

May 272014

Remember my last post? Well on the same day as I bought the F’Rosen Yoghurt quattro I also bought this one. Because I can never buy just one thing I need all the things. Also this one is a little bit more shimmery and who doesn’t like glitter and shimmer?


040 Never Let Me Go
The new season is all about absolute color! Play with new combinations – but with the usual maximum color, durability and coverage! The Absolute Eye Colour Quattros are available in two new harmonies of color to go with the latest trends. Available in a total of four versions. *


Here’s a swatch of all 4 of the colours in the sun.

I really like them. You’ve got 3 nice lighter shimmering colours and a nice dark brown one. I’m a fan!

I bought this quattro for € 4,95. But check your local drugstore for the right prize. You can check for a store in your neighbourhood. Or keep an eye out in your local drugstore. Because the website only lists a few countries and mine isn’t even on it but a lot of drugstores over here sell it.